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A Proven Strategy to Help You Raise Money

Eliminate Medical Debt • Reduce Stress • Heal on Your Terms

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What is Freely Funded?


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Say Goodbye to Medical Debt

Millions of people face unexpected, costly medical treatments that add tremendous stress to their families. And for those who try to raise money to relieve the burden, they quickly find themselves lost in a monumental task that leaves them feeling confused, discouraged, or even helpless. 

But what if there was a way to KNOW you were doing it right? What if you could ask for financial support without feeling embarrassed or unworthy? And what if your results could match or even exceed your expectations?

Freely Funded takes the guesswork out of fundraising and guides you on a clear path forward by answering these questions and providing you with a proven strategy, insights, and practical steps to raise the funds you need to cover treatment costs, reduce the stress and heal on your terms.

Meet Your Guide:

In 2015 Ryan D. Luelf was diagnosed with Stage IV Follicular B. Cell Lymphoma.  He was facing 6 months life expectancy, he was in between jobs, out of money, and married with 3 children. Like so many others facing cancer, he was stricken with worry, self-doubt, and fear. 

Costs of medical treatment was tens of thousands of dollars, and he and his wife didn't know what they were going to do.  But what Ryan did know, was that he wanted to live, and he wanted to heal on his terms.  This led to the development of a powerful fundraising strategy which yielded Ryan over $200,000 and directly impacted his ability to heal.

Inspired to help others have the same options he had, Ryan has taken his strategy and distilled it down into the first comprehensive course of its kind to help people face their health challenge without fear, without stress, and fully equipped with the resources to heal.

Is Freely Funded for You?

Freely Funded is designed for ANYONE facing heavy treatment costs or expenses related to treatment. But raising support while trying to heal can be a full-time job in itself. For this reason, Freely Funded is tailor-designed for not only the person who is healing, but also caregivers, or a capable friend or family member. Because we believe your number one focus while healing should be your health, not your medical bills.

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The only course of its kind.

"This is the only program of its kind and I'm so glad Ryan created it. If you're facing crushing medical debt or need help funding the treatment you want, this program will be an invaluable resource for you."

Chris Wark
Author, ChrisBeatCancer.com

What's Included?

7 Course Modules

Learn step-by-step as you make the mental shift and employ key strategies to empower you to raise funds, reduce stress, and take control of your finances during your healing journey.


This is an introduction that outlines the program, the video portions and the digital workbook elements. It offers insights and inspiration into the journey Ryan took and his lifesaving decision to learn to do something he had never done before.

Module 1:
The Mental Shift

Ryan shares the powerful lessons that he and the team learned as they analyzed the most successful campaigns and fundraising tools. This module is about seeing fundraising through new eyes, and recognizing small shifts that provide huge benefit.

Module 2:
How to Ask

This module is dedicated to examining the Who, What and Where of inviting others to join in the effort to help fund out of pocket treatments and medical costs. Learning to craft an 'ask' is an integral part of creating results with less effort and in less time.

Module 3:
The Easy Button

Make everything easier for everyone. Tools, techniques, and shortcuts that make it easier to create the invitations and for others to participate. There are apps, attitudes and premade tools so that friends and family can take it from here.

Module 4:
The Magic of 37

Lessons in Visibility, Frequency, and staying Top of Mind. Powerful insights into systems and disciplines that leverage success. Stay in front of people, share the journey and experience the difference. There is magic in this module.

Module 5:

Gratitude is one of the strongest and most magnetic forces on the planet. Learn how others have adopted principles of gratitude systems and found a new ease in raising tens of thousands of dollars. This is our favorite module as a team.

Module 6:
Facebook is Not Enough

Too many people create a charitable website and then post a few times on social media solutions like Facebook. It is simply not enough. This module covers several of the other platforms and methods that yield incredible results.

Module 7:
Secret to Success

This module feels like pure gold. It is a summary of the learnings in Modules 1 through 6, but it brings in additional perspective. It is the module that connects the dots and provides the action plan. It is the inspiring conclusion that will launch you towards success.

Bonus Module 1:

Inspired vs. Required Effort

Ryan shares some soulful insights from his disease journey and massive success in raising a lot of money for medical needs. This module is empowering and offers a refreshing discussion on push vs being pulled, easy vs hard.

Bonus Module 2:

The Advocate Perspective

Chronic disease impacts everyone around and not just the person suffering. This module is a candid sit down with Caroline and Ryan discussing the experience and additional insights from the advocate or caregiver's unique viewpoint.

1 Interactive Workbook

With its engaging questions and practical steps, the Freely Funded workbook is your toolkit companion to achieving maximum results on your healing journey. The 100 page workbook comes embedded in the website for realtime interaction, and is also available in PDF or printed form.

Completely mobile experience

With Freely Funded, your course and workbook content is always just a click away - whether you're at your desk, on your tablet, or traveling with only your phone.

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What people are saying...



"As an independent businesswoman I've always struggled to ask people for help of any kind.  But Freely Funded helped me to see my own self-worth and taught me how to ask effectively and engage strategically — so much so that I've already raised over $1,000 in just 3 days.  It feels so good to know that I can do this and that I have the support of friends and loved ones along the way."

Mina T., Oregon


"Facing Stage IV Prostate Cancer is no joke. And the treatment costs are anything but cheap. For me, Freely Funded confirmed the direction my fundraising efforts were headed, and gave me the permission and strategy I needed to raise 10 times what I already had."

Chris Oc, New Jersey


"With Freely Funded I was able to raise more money in 8 days than I was able to in the previous 6 months."

Tieonna C., Florida


"I'm helping my son overcome his second bout with cancer and the bills add up quick. This course gave me the confidence and tools I needed to raise money fast — over $1,000 in the first week alone. Anyone in need of financial support should do this program."

Jean P., Maryland

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have completed this entire program and haven't raised at least 10x the cost of this course, we will gladly refund your purchase. No questions asked.

What's It Worth?


How much is financial stress costing you on your healing journey? How many people in your life haven't offered to help because you don’t know how to ask them? Or because you haven't even considered yourself worthy of asking? Can friends, family, and others understand why their support is crucial and exactly how they can contribute? Medical treatment may already be costing you a great deal. Get the strategy and funds you need to overcome it.

$799 Value

All of Ryan's experience and real-world proven insights, carefully crafted by a world-class production team, and brought to you in a 7 Module master class.

$199 Value

Your ability to raise the funds you need is directly tied to implementation. The Freely Funded workbook is designed to help you do just that — implement and succeed.

$99 Value

A powerful follow-up to the ideas and application strategies laid out in the main course modules, and an essential piece of the Freely Funded strategy. 

$99 Value

Sometimes the greatest insights come not from within but from those who know us best — our spouses, friends, and advocates. Caroline Luelf shares eye-opening insights that are pivotal in fundraising success.

$199 Value

All the money in the world cannot buy our most precious resource — time. Through this private Facebook community group you'll gain access to incredible time-saving advice, encouragement, and tips.

What's My Investment?

Total Value: $1,395... YOURS for ONLY $49





Module 1

Module 1 Workbook

Completely Mobile Experience

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7 Course Modules

2 Bonus Modules

1 Interactive Workbook

Completely Mobile Experience

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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7 Course Modules

2 Bonus Modules

1 Interactive Workbook

Completely Mobile Experience

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Created for survivors, by survivors.

"From concept to completion, this course was created by a team of passionate cancer survivors who shared one vision - to help people overcome the odds each one of them faced along their own healing journey. On behalf of Ryan and the entire Freely Funded team, we are pleased to bring you this course!"

The Freely Funded Team

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Who do you know that needs this course? Who do you know that is facing significant debt from medical treatment and could benefit from having additional funds to heal? Maybe it is someone you love. Maybe it is a friend, a co-worker, or acquaintance. Regardless of their job, age, or skillset, Freely Funded can help.

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Treatment Costs by the Numbers:

of cancer patients lose their life savings.  
62% of them are in debt because of treatment costs.  
And 55% of cancer patients accrue at least $10,000 in debt, while 3% file for bankruptcy

And that's just cancer.
It doesn't have to be this way!


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